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What we do

"Our company practices the unification and implementation of art, design, craft and trade."

Located at the historic Squeeze Factory in the home town of Adams, MA; WHITCO provides creative design, sign making, and metal fabrication solutions throughout the region. 

We like to make custom things in our full service fabrication shop. Things big or small, 1 or 50, interior or exterior, residential or commercial, architectural or structural, decorative or functional. 


We assist directly and work in compliance with industries in interior design, commercial business, design-build, architecture, engineering and construction. 

Our in-house design practice provides graphic and computer aided design/manufacturing (CAD,CAM) capabilities to ensure all-around efficiencies and communications. 

In addition to our shops industrial capabilities in manual and semi-automatic milling, rolling, welding, turning and cutting; our facilities also include CNC plasma, CNC routing, CNC break, and CNC 2-axis milling.


We do installations, rigging, prototyping, machining, metal finishing, engraving, patina, painting and welding.

The materials that we intimately and often reconcile with are architectural steel, brass, and aluminum -  sheet, plate and extrusions. 


We work with dimensional and non-dimensional lumber, engineered wood, plastics, and glass. 

Long story short, we strive to bring the most practical, efficient and creative solutions while we continue to master our craft. 




Formerly Swieto Studios, the company was established in 2008.  With foundations in art and trade, WHITCO is a result of two decades in design, wood working, metal fabrication, sign making, and sculpture. 


The Team

Brent Whitney "Whit"


Cole "Cole Pants"



William "Bill" 




Mason "Mario"


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